Wine Barrel

Wine Barrel Cake Stand

Vintage Wood Crates (x6)

Vintage Picture Frames (x2)

Small Wine Barrel Tops

Large Wine Barrel Tops

Large Burlap Cork Board

Metal Easel (Holds Large Burlap Cork Board)

Barn Door with Picture frames "Forever Door"

Wagon Wheel Small

Wagon Wheel  Medium

Wagon Wheel Large

Coke wood Box Set (x6)

Wooden Wine Box Set (x6)

Holland-Bulb Crate box

Vintage Sew Machine Drawers (x3)

Vintage Wood Chair

Vintage Ladders - Set  4ft & 2ft

"True Love Story" Sign (wooden)

"A true Love Story" Sign (wooden)

Large Wood Sign with hangers and horse shoes

"Drink" Sign (wooden)

"Candy Bar" Sign (wooden)

"Popcorn" Sign (wooden)

"LOVE" Sign (Metal)

Watering Cans (Set of 13)

Galvanized Vase

Galvanized Bucket

Galvanized Flower Picking Holder

Galvanized Vintage Watering Cans

Galvanized Oval Tub (3 Different designs)

Galvanized Tub small

Galvanized Wash tub with green stripe

Galvanized Tub

Metal Stand to hold wash tub

Galvanized Drink Stands

Galvanized Tray

Vintage Milk Can

Vintage Cream Can


Vintage Lantern

Vintage Galvanized Feed Bag

White 90'' x 132'' 6ft Table Clothes

Burlap Overlay 80"

Burlap Chair Bows

Vintage Trunk

Vintage Suit Cases

Vintage Canoe

Covered Wagon

Wooden Candy Sation

Suitcase Table

Vintage Ice Cream Chair with tub

Chalk Board Two Sided

Chalk Board Small

Vintage Two Handed Logging Saw (6 foot)

Barb Wire Heart & Boot

Grapevine Heart Wreath

Cowboy Boots  3 pairs

Vintage Cameras Set (2)

Vintage Typewriters

Vintage Typewriter Manuel

Clear Vases (x14)

Fish Bowl Vases (x19)

Blue Mason Jars (x10)

Clear Mason Jars (x5)

Vintage Lace Dollies (x6)

Small Grapevine Heart Wreath

Large Grapevine Heart Wreath

Champenge Wine Holders (brass) with stand (x2)

Wine Chill Despenser (does not chill)

Drink Despenser (1 Gallon Barrel)

Drink Despenser (2 Gallon - Round)

Drink Despenser (1/2 Gallon Mason Jar)

Drink Despenser (5 Gallon - Hexagon)

Table Numbers Burlap bottles (1-20) set

Table Numbers Barn wood  (1-20)

Vintage Window A True Love Story

Vintage Shutters (x2)

Vintage Windows

Vintage Window Measure Breath

Vintage Chalkboard Window Menu

Vintage Style Cake Stand

Metal Mail Box

Vintage Metal Flower Holder

Metal Wine Holder (Holds three bottles)

Metal White Dressform

Card Holder Wood birdcage

Card Holder Metal birdcage

Card Holder Metal chicken wire cage

Card Holder Vintage make-up case





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